If you’ve seen a Quality Warning message in the app, it’s because our systems have had to exclude your completed tasks from research projects due to problems with your answers. 

These checks are automated and look at patterns in responses, within and across surveys, to ensure we’re collecting reliable information.

Please read the following friendly advice that will help you provide good quality answers. Repeated Quality Warnings will start to reduce your System rating, which will reduce the tasks you’re matched to.

Examples of low quality responses include:

  • Inconsistent answers between questions. For example, answering that you don’t have a passport and saying in the same survey that you go on lots of trips abroad.

  • Selecting an odd combination of answers to checkbox questions. For example, saying you’ve heard of a niche soft drink but haven’t heard of Coca-Cola.

  • Low effort answers to free response questions. This could be very short answers, copy and paste answers or using swear words.

  • Completing the task significantly quicker than the average respondent. Answering too quickly increases the chance of making mistakes.

  • Answering that more than one of the options is your favourite or most frequently used.

To avoid being flagged for low quality responses, we recommend 3 things:

  • Answer honestly - don’t try to avoid screen-outs

  • Answer carefully - read the question and take your time

  • Answer fully - don’t be shy, we want to hear your opinion!

Thanks for taking the time to read this advice. We promise it’ll help you maximise your long-term earnings.

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