The way you use the app gives you a constantly changing system rating. Your system rating is based on information from our survey partners, fraud detection systems, and other checks. It’s entirely automated and responds to your survey-taking behaviour.

The system rating is used to help us distribute the available tasks as fairly as possible. This ensures our members get the best possible experience and our clients and partners get high-quality market research. 

If your system rating falls too low, restrictions may start to be applied within the app. These can include

  • An empty task wall until your system rating resets

  • Permanently fewer tasks if one or more of our partners blocks you from taking their surveys

  • A cash-out delay being applied

  • An account being locked and needing a review

Please note: we’ll always do our best to help, but our support team are unable to override your system rating and restrictions may remain in place until your rating improves or resets.In rare cases where repeated unusual, unfair or fraudulent behaviour is detected, your account can be permanently locked.

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