The following information will help get you ready for your first cash-out, by understanding how and why we verify your identity.

Before you make your first withdrawal to Paypal, we'll ask you to prove you're a human by following the "Verify your identity" steps when prompted during cash-out. You'll need to have your driving license, passport or national identity card with you to verify yourself. You will only ever have to do this once.

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The process is simple, safe and secure. We use Stripe to provide a banking level verification service by scanning your photo ID. The verification is fully automated and your information is only used to verify your account. Please make sure that the photo ID you use has not expired, or verification will fail.

You're probably wondering why you need to be verified to cash out what could be just 100 points? Unfortunately the market research industry is a common target for fraudsters and bots who gobble up points and tasks before our real members can get to them. This reduces the earnings potential for our community and our job is to help you humans make as much money as possible.

Both phone numbers and email address are no longer sufficient barriers to prevent fraudsters and it's really important we use all the latest technology to protect our community. As a result, we've introduced this additional layer to our automated system checks to enable us to verify you're a real person. 

The process will only takes a minute or so. We know that having to locate your passport or driving license might be a bit frustrating but hope you understand that all our security checks are in place to enable us to deliver the best possible service to our members.

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