It’s perfectly normal to be screened out of some of the surveys you start. We do our best to minimise screenouts by matching you to surveys we think you’ll qualify for but unfortunately screenouts are always going to happen. The most common reason for screen-outs is simply that you weren’t the exact type of person the market researcher wanted to interview. For example, you live in the wrong area, you’re the wrong age or you don’t have a cat. You may occasionally be screened out for other reasons, including:

  • Quota Reached - the number of surveys required for people matching your profile is reached before you complete the task.

  • Quality Termination - the market researcher isn’t happy with the quality or consistency of your answers.

  • Survey Closed - the survey was set to close at a certain time and you’re just unlucky to be part way through when this happens.

When screen-outs happen, just shrug it off and move on to the next task! The tasks at the top of the app will have the lowest chance of screen-outs, so we recommend you start there.

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