The amount of money you can earn with Curious Cat depends on the amount of time and effort you put in. With 20 mins every few days it’s pretty easy to earn enough to pay for your monthly Netflix or Spotify subscription. To give you the best chance of maximising your earnings we recommend the following:

  • Always download the latest version of the app so you’re not missing out on functionality.

  • Make sure all your profiler tasks are completed so our matching algorithm can do its magic.

  • Turn on push notifications so we can tell you about task matches.

  • Opt-in to email notifications so you’ll receive bonus points and offers.

  • Don’t give up when you get screened out and don’t leave the app without earning points.

  • Visit the app on at least 4 days a week so task matches don’t expire without you seeing them.

Go slow and steady - rushing through and not taking care with answers can lower your system rating.