The AMPD Digital Profiler Panel is a passive research panel available in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. Media consumption data for market research purposes is collected in the background while the app runs and members earn points without taking tasks while the app is connected.

AMPD works by using your phone’s accessibility mode to look for certain types of text on the screen. For example an advert caption on YouTube or Facebook. All data is collected securely, anonymously and automatically once you’ve joined the AMPD panel and given the required permissions. The data you provide helps our clients answer questions like:

  • Which apps and websites do my customers use most?

  • What streaming services do my customers use and what do they watch?

  • Who has seen my advertising and has it encouraged a purchase?

The technology is set-up so that it ignores financial information and other Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Only market research information is gathered and processed anonymously.

The AMPD Digital Profiler Panel exists because traditional market research techniques can be prone to human error. Even when you’re answering survey questions as honestly as possible, you might not remember exactly what advertising you’ve seen or where you’ve shopped. AMPD is a simple piece of technology that collects anonymised behavioural data so we can provide more reliable market research insights to our clients - and in turn pay you more points without you completing tasks. You can watch this video to find out more.