The way you use the app gives you a constantly changing system rating, based on information from our survey partners, fraud detection systems and other checks. It’s entirely automated and responds to your survey taking behaviour.

The system rating is used to help us distribute the available tasks as fairly as possible. This ensures our members get the best possible experience and our clients and partners get high-quality market research. 

If your system rating falls consistently, you’ll be allocated fewer tasks until your rating starts to rise again, following a change in your usage. To avoid your system rating falling, we recommend the following:

1. Don’t take too many surveys

The task matches you’ll see at the top of the page are those with the greatest chance of success. As you work through tasks, we’ll load in new ones but the matches will become weaker with a greater chance of being screened-out. Too many screen-outs in a short space of time will negatively affect your rating.

2. Do take time with your answers

Rushing through surveys increases your chance of making mistakes and poor quality answers can have a big impact on your rating. Our survey partners do not pay points for surveys submitted with inaccurate or inconsistent responses. So please take your time, answer carefully and truthfully and you’ll maximise your earnings potential. Racing through won’t help you earn more money in the long run.

3. Do take a break

Thousands of tasks move through the app every day. So if you get the feeling you’ve answered the good stuff already, just take a break and come back in a couple of hours. There will likely be a new selection of good matches that give you the best possible points for your time.

If your system rating falls too low, the following can happen:

  • Your task wall will remain empty until your system rating is re-set
  • One or more of our partners may block you permanently from taking their surveys
  • A cashout delay may be applied

Please note: in cases where repeated unusual, unfair or fraudulent behaviour is detected, your account can be permanently locked and we’ll be unable to override the automated system. 

Please try your best to stick to the guidance above. Slow and steady is the best way to maximise your earnings for time spent in the app!