Why did i not qualify for a survey?

Not qualifying for every survey is completely normal, but we understand it can be frustrating.


We match the best tasks for you based on the user profile you create with us when signing up for the app. But even if your profile is a perfect match for the task, you can still be screened out for a number of reasons. 


For example, we might match a survey to your user profile based on your city, age, and gender, but the survey could ask additional questions like ‘do you own a cat?’ or ‘do you like yoghurt?’ and if this requirement is not met you could be screened out.


It is also possible there have been enough answers for a survey and it has been closed while you were actually in the process of completing it. 

Here are some examples of the screenout reasons you might see in the app:


  • Failure

  • Not qualifying 

  • Quality Termination 

  • Quota limit reached

  • Survey now closed